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The Begining: In September 10, 1919, Pope Benedict XV issued his apostolic letter Nova in Indiis, to establish the Diocese of Patna and entrusted it to the Jesuits. Fr. Vladamir Ledochowski, the then Superior General of the Society of Jesus, assigned  the Jesuits of the Missouri Province to this new mission . 

In 1921, Frs. William Eline, SJ,   Henry Milet, SJ, Edward Anderson, SJ, Patrick Troy, SJ, and Thomas Kelly, SJ., the first five Jesuits of Missouri Province came to this  mission in Patna. 

In 1928, the Chicago Province was formed  from Missouri Province. Patna mission was handed over to Chicago Province. Again in 1956, Chicago province was divided to create a new Detroit Province. Over 155 Jesuits from America, mainly from these two provinces came as missionaries and served people of Bihar in Patna mission.

The hardwork and the generosity of  Missouri, Chicago and Detroit provinces, raised Patna mission soon to a vice-province and then in 1962, to an independent province.   


The First Five Jesuits for Patna Mission


Important Moments of our History

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