Environmentalist and Eco-theologian, Fr. Robert Athickal, S J Co-authors a book with Leonardo Boff, the famous Brazilian theologian, activist and writer known for his active support for the rights of the poor and environment. He currently serves as professor Emeritus of Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Ecology at the Rio de Janeiro State University. The latest series of the book “Schopfung. Miteinander leben im gemeinsamen Haus” in German language as part of the mission-book series “One World Theology”. In this book series, published by the publishing house Herder, Fr. Robert and other authors from all over the world comment on theological issues from different contextual perspective.

The diverse aspects of ”Spirituality of Creation” and “Righteousness of Creation” are analysed by theologians from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. The authors focus on subjects like “Creation during a crisis”, “Biblical reflection”, “The concept of Creation”, “ Answers of the Church in Africa/ Asia/Latin America./ Europe” and “Creation and Responsibility”. This book is aimed at facilitating a vibrant global dialogue on environmental concerns. The English version of the book is expected in six months time. This project is completed with the support of Missio.

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